The Wags Wicone was developed and created to allow my sister and mother, who are both jewellery makers to make larger size coloured wire cones to add a professional finishing touch to bracelets & necklaces. Although wire cones can be made using round nose pliers the size of cones are very small and there is a possibility that you will mark the coloured wire. The Wags Wicone is lightweight, has an ergonomically designed handle making it very comfortable to use and it won't mark the coloured wire.The largest length of the cones that can be made using the Wags Wicone is approximately 27mm with an internal diameter of approximately 8.2mm. The cones can be made using one, two or three different colours of wire and will look amazing when added to your creations.We have created a short demonstration video to show you just how easy it is to use the Wags Wicone to create a single colour cone.

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